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When the working day is done... oh girls, just wanna have fun!! Yeah, this line is perfectly quoted in a song by Cyndi Lauper. A few years back, the Bachelorette party was very less popular in India. At that time, only boys could celebrate the bachelor party but not the girls. Well, at that time the bachelor party was known for drinks, girls, and all kinds of sins. But not anymore. This thinking is changing as now people want to celebrate their bachelor party by going on a trip.

This "Going on a trip" trend started after the Movie "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara", this craze of celebrating the bachelor party by going on a trip is at its boom nowadays. The thinking of people is now changing and girls are also enjoying their freedom before marriage. They also celebrate their Bachelorette life by going on a trip.

More than just one night together of girl gossip, pampering, partying, roaming, and enjoying every bit of it, are the essentials of this exciting new tradition. In recent times, one-night partying is outdated. The latest trend is planning a girls-only trip instead of just having a one-night party. 

If you are also one of those free bird girls, you will definitely know the importance of going on a trip with amigos before marriage. These trips fill the soul with huge energy and help us cope with those breakdown moments of life.

Are you also looking for the best places in India where you can celebrate a bachelorette party? We understand that for such parties security and fun both are mandatory. So, we curated these best bachelorette party destinations in India for you that are safe and you can enjoy fullest at these places.

Below are the best places for a bachelorette party in India...

1) Nashik, Maharashtra

It is the most accurate place for wine-loving girls and if you ask me, I would say a bachelorette party is nothing without a Wine. If you and your squad are wine-loving girls then Nashik is the place you are looking for. This beautiful place is home to stunning vineyards like Sula, York, and Tiger Hills. This is the place to get hooked by wine and take a tour of the premises and can attend a wine tasting session. 

The most beautiful part of this bachelorette trip would views of hills and the Godavari river at the nearby Gangapur Dam from tasting rooms or restaurants on the premises of Sula and York. You can also go for treks, hike, and celebrate river-side picnics in Nasik.

January to March are the best times to visit Vineyards in Nashik.

2) Andaman and Nicobar 

If you are a beach person, well... there is nothing better than enjoying a bachelorette party on the beach. If you have a big budget for your adventure in India then Andaman and Nicobar are the best for the place to celebrate with your girl-squad. You may choose water sports here and enjoy beach parties here. if you have a desire to spend some breathtaking girls time, then scuba diving is the best adventure sports.

3) Alappuzha, Kerela

Not every girl wants to party. Some girls... love nature, peace and calm environment. Alappuzha or Alleppey is a beautiful city in Kerela backward, 19th-century Alappuzha Lighthouse, a network of tranquil canals and lagoons. You will definitely find peace and calm here. The exotic Alappuzha beach is one of the major attractions.

If you are a nature lover, this place will woo you and your Bachelorette trip will be a success. You can stay at Marari Beach Resort. It has enchanting beauty.

4) Chamba and Dalhousie

If you love to explore the scenic beauty of mountains and whenever you think of a trip you always end up on hill stations then these places are for you. Chamba and Dalhousie are not so far from each other. This alluring Paradise in Himachal has an amazing picturesque view. Chamba is situated on the banks of the Ravi River. You can visit Khajjiar Lake, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Chamunda Devi Temple and Manimahesh lake here.

Dalhousie spreads across 5 hills near the Dhauladhar mountain range and you can visit Satdhara Falls, Panch Pulla and Dainkund Peak here. It is the ideal choice for your escape with your girls.

5) Rishikesh

If you love gymming, riding, trekking, paragliding, and other sports and you live for adventure & have a super active life, then this is the place for you.

Rishikesh is a well-known place for adventure sports like river rafting. If you are also an adventure-loving girl you should visit Rishikesh once with your friends. Keep Calm and Raft!

6) Jim Cobett National Park, Sundarbans and Kaziranga National Park

Do you always find yourself interested in wild animals?
The Jim Corbett National Park is the well-known wildlife sanctuary in Uttrakhand where you can find lots of rare animal species. This safari is rich with flora and fauna and has tigers, leopards, Sambar deers, and wild elephants, as the main attractions. You can roam in this safari on a jeep and capture animals in your cameras.

Whereas, the Sundarbans is situated in the delta of Ganges, Brahmaputra and Megha Rivers in the Bay of Bengal. It is the biggest mangrove forest in the world. You can get goosebump experiences of watching Bengal tigers, deep dark forest and crocodiles.

However, if you want to see vivid rare animals in a single location, go for Kaziranga National Park. It is a protected area in northeast India, Assam. This wildlife safari spread across the floodplains of the Brahmaputra River. It is home to tigers, elephants and one-horned rhinoceroses. 

These are the Best Bachelorette Party Destinations in India that you can explore with girls' group. We categorized this post as per your interest so that you can choose easily. Which bachelorette party destination would you prefer to go with your girl squad?


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